We are still taking in requests for trainings during this time! We have provided numerous virtual trainings to student organizations, academic departments, and staff development. If interested in requesting our services, please email us at lead@echo.rutgers.edu to setup an initial consultation to see how we can best serve you.

For the latest COVID-19 information visit coronavirus.rutgers.edu.


Customizable Training

Our team takes pride in its ability to work with groups on a variety of leadership development topics, group dynamics concepts, team building activities, and confidence course modules. With a large variety of mobile equipment and highly skilled and knowledgeable team of professional facilitators, Student Involvement and Leadership is able to provide any group at any age or ability level with a powerful experience to help engage and improve your team’s aptitude, interactivity, and execution of virtually any task.

Each of our programs is custom designed to the needs and desired learning outcomes of a specific group. Our professional staff takes the time to understand the goals and challenges that are unique to each group and is dedicated to designing a highly interactive and intentional experience that meets your needs. All of our experiences are rooted in the concept of experiential education, a learn-by-doing philosophy, which creates opportunities for development and interactive learning for all participants.

What We Offer

Below is a small sample of some of our offerings:

  • Full and half day leadership retreats
  • Full and half day team building/bonding retreats
  • Team Building and Group Dynamics sessions
  • Portable Low Ropes / Confidence Course
  • Topic Specific Workshops
    • Communications
    • Innovation and Creativity
    • Public Speaking / Story Telling
    • Diversity Awareness and Social Justice Training
    • Leadership Styles Classes
    • Time Management / Priority Management
    • Goal Setting
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Values Workshops
    • Risk-Taking
    • Digital Leadership
    • Conflict Management
    • Train the Trainer / Facilitation 101
    • Marketing and Branding
    • Identity Development
    • Delegation / Ownership / Authorship
    • Authentic and Adaptable Leadership
    • Fear and Failure

Our Credentials

Student Involvement and Leadership boasts several facilitators who are nationally certified in a variety of widely recognized personality assessment tools such as:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • StrengthsQuest
  • DiSC Inventory
  • True Colors
  • Insight Learning Personality Instrument
  • Leadership Practices Inventory
  • Group Dynamics Simulations
  • The Marshmallow Challenge™
  • Crucial Conversations™ – Conflict Resolution
  • Tall Ships™ – Team Effectiveness
  • Mars Rover™ – Team Effectiveness
  • Star Power™ – Diversity and Power Simulation
  • The Power of Leadership™ – Change Management & Problem Solving Simulation
  • Colourblind™ – Communication & Team Building Kit
  • Where Do You Draw the Line™ – Ethics Simulator
  • BaFa BaFa – Diversity Cross Cultural Simulation
  • The Rain Forest Game – Collaboration Experience