Leadership & Experiential Learning offers a variety of immersive leadership retreat experiences designed to engage and motivate students to increase their self-awareness, build collaborative communities of learners, and develop their individual leaderships skills. Our leadership retreats provide opportunities for student leaders to learn about and experiment with their individual leadership identities.

Next Level

Designed as a companion program for the summer sessions, this winter program is offered to all members of the First-Year Fellowship program. This program is designed for 50 up and coming student leaders who are looking to take the next steps toward a more competent and confident personal leadership journey. Students spend two days among their peers engaging in an intensive leadership development program learning from and with one another. This is not a program designed to teach you how to lead, it is designed to help you discover why you lead and help you develop confidence in your signature leadership style.

Fresh Retreat

This experience is created for and dedicated to upperclassmen already in leadership positions or aspiring toward a higher level of leadership practice. The Innovative Leadership Summit is an intentional program designed to challenge the traditional views on student leadership, instead inspiring participants to deviate from the status quo, innovate fearlessly, delve deeper into their creativity, and find their passion. This two day program will give students the tools to return to campus with a renewed sense of confidence and a vision for creating impactful and sustainable change.

Camp UKnight

CampUknightThese pre-orientation sessions are three day, two night sessions that take place in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania at Stony Acres Adventure Camp. It is designed to help incoming first year and transfer students build an instant and sustainable community of friends to help ease the transition into college life at one of the largest institutions in the country. A large institution like Rutgers can be intimidating, but Camp UKnight helps students build amazing friendships that will last through their college career and beyond. Also, since Camp UKnight is run by a dedicated group of established Rutgers Student Leaders, they will build a network to jump start their first year on campus! For more information, click here.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program are three concurrent two day programs offered to first year students as extended orientation immersion experience. Students will learn about the history, culture, and needs of the New Brunswick/Piscataway community and explore one of four areas of interest to them: Community Service, Adventure Learning, Sustainability, or Social Justice. Students will also participate in workshops that are centered on leadership, service and social justice education. Through interactions with student leaders, new students will be able to learn more about resources available to them at Rutgers University and find community with their peers. Students will be challenged to widen their perspectives on economic, social, political, and environmental injustices through reflection. For more information, click here.