What Leadership Positions are available to you?


If you are looking to take the next step in your leadership journey by holding a leadership position on campus, consider any of the leadership positions available through the Department of Leadership & Experiential Learning!

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are now LIVE!  If you are interested in applying, you can access the application here:  http://bit.ly/lexleaders

Please feel free to use the information below for you reference.

The Department of Leadership & Experiential Learning designs and implements diverse leadership opportunities and comprehensive trainings in order to provoke thought and inspire action around the University. Leadership Interns have the opportunity to actively participate in a project-based experience while developing skills in event planning and management, web-design, leadership training, workshop facilitation, and general professional competence.

In addition to developing transferable skills for the competitive internship and job market, Leadership Interns also receive a stipend and access to various leadership education opportunities. Scheduling is flexible based on your class schedule.

Looking to make your mark on Rutgers, your community, even the world? Becoming a Mark Conference Captain is a great way to start by planning an experience that will make an impact on fellow students and the Rutgers community. A team of students will be given the responsibility to plan and implement the annual Mark Conference. The Mark Conference an innovative campus experience that strives to break the norms of traditional leadership development by contracting TEDx-styled speakers to inspire the crowd, empowering students to share their stories through Ignite talks, and surprising the participants with out-of-the-box elements like a balloon pit and impromptu dance party! As a Mark Captain, you will oversee a major aspect of the conference (such as marketing, logistics, social media, Ignite prep, experience, etc.), while also having the opportunity to lead a team of student assistants.

As a Conference Captain, you will have the opportunity to make your mark on the next Mark Conference by deciding which speakers tell their story, by designing an innovative conference curriculum and experience, and by implementing creative marketing strategies. The positions are 10-month positions – from May through transition of new Captains in April. Captains are not required to be present over the summer, but will be expected to be in communication over the summer months. Each conference is different and we are just waiting for you to leave your mark on this extraordinary Rutgers tradition, while gaining transferable skills and fresh perspectives through this advanced leadership role on campus.

With a diverse array of purposes, locations, and activities, site leaders have the ability to immerse themselves in service on these impactful trips. The site leaders work to organize and facilitate pre-break educational training sessions for participants, organize the trip budget and agenda, as well as lead the trip and plan a post-trip service experience back in New Brunswick. Some things we are looking for in Site Leaders include:

  • Motivator: Passionate about service and the experience
  • Coordinator: Organized, task-oriented
  • Teacher: Supportive challenging, patient, dynamic
  • Learner: Open-minded, critical thinking, reasoning skills
  • Crisis Manager: Adaptable, flexible
  • Counselor: Dependable, approachable, intuitive
  • Mentor: Public Speaking, Facilitation skills and ability to lead the group in debrief

Do you think you have what it takes to bring meaning to this often misunderstood issue, demonstrate empathy over judgment, and break down the barriers of assumption and privilege? This life changing experience may be for you.

Once trained through Seeking Success, our Peer Leadership Mentors will facilitate roundtables for our First-Year 15 Fellows, as well as are responsible for creating a retreat experience for the FY15 Fellows. Participants are eligible to apply for this opportunity in September and sessions begin in mid-September. Themes cover different areas of leadership including conflict management, competency building, values and vision, service, ethical decision-making, storytelling, branding, facilitation, and public speaking. Once students complete the Seeking Success program by November, they transition into Leadership 360, and serve as our PLMs and help to peer mentor and facilitate activities, trainings, weekend experiences, and roundtables for our first-years in the spring.

Camp UKnight Leaders are responsible for the safety, growth, engagement, and encouragement of all Campers participating in Camp UKnight. The best Camp Leader understands and is comfortable with their own worldview, is accepting of differences in others, is an exceptional team player, cares for the well-being of those around them, and approaches all Camp UKnight experiences with energy and passion.

Camp Leaders are expected to be enthusiastic, developmental, attentive, and engaged in the experiences of the Campers attending each session. During each session held at the Stony Acres Camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, each leader will be responsible for a small group of Campers and for the general facilitation of both small and large group experiences. Camp Leaders will also be responsible for much of the planning and execution of logistical details and some of the conceptual design of the program with guidance from Leadership professional staff.

Are you ready to have a huge impact on over 150 incoming students, welcoming them to the Rutgers Leadership community while preparing them for their transition into college life? Camp UKnight needs the best, brightest, and most enthusiastic Camp Leaders to make it happen.

Our Discovery Program Leaders are passionate about making change within their community. As a leader for this experience, you will lead a group of incoming students in a two day, one night retreat focused on one of three tracks:

–  Community Service
–  Outdoor Adventure Learning
–  Social Justice

The programs run concurrently with one another and each program is run by its own set of leaders who are interested in engaging with first year and transfer students on a topic they feel passionately about. Together with various community partners, The Discovery Program builds new relationships among incoming students while introducing them to the New Brunswick/Piscataway community they will be joining in a whole new way. By participating in various forms of reflection, students are challenged to widen their perspectives on economic, social, political, and environmental challenges in the community while actively in their own learning. The Discovery Program provides opportunities to develop powerful leadership skills that will be instantly useful both in and out of the classrooms at Rutgers. Our leaders facilitate all aspects of the program and lead the reflections during the experience.

The Leadership Ambassador Outreach Team gives you the opportunity to represent our department as the face of leadership at different events on campus. This low-commitment position is a great way to jump start your involvement with leadership at Rutgers. By becoming a Leadership Ambassador, you get experience public speaking, marketing, and outreach.

Application Information

Below, the application deadlines and interview dates are outlined.  Additionally, we have created copies of the applications for your review so that you may start completing questions before accessing the online application.

There is a general application that everyone must initially fill out before going into individual position applications.  Overall, completing the online application will take approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on how many positions you apply for.

General Application Form for All LEx Leaders

Leadership Intern

Applications Due: February 13th at 11:59PM

Interviews: Friday, February 17th or Saturday, February 18th

LEx Leadership Intern Application Preview



Camp UKnight Leader

Applications Due: February 13th at 11:59PM

Group Interviews: Tuesday, February 14th

Individual Interviews: Friday, February 17th or Saturday, February 18th

New Camp UKnight Leader Application Preview

Returning Camp UKnight Leader Application Preview



Discovery Program Leader

Applications Due: February 13th at 11:59PM

Group Interviews: Wednesday, February 15th

Individual Interviews: Friday, February 17th or Saturday, February 18th

New Discovery Program Leader Application Preview

Returning Discovery Program Leader Application Preview

Mark Conference Captain

Applications Due: March 21st at 11:59PM

Interviews: Friday, March 24th or Saturday, March 25th

Mark Conference Captain Application Preview



Alternative Break Site Leaders & RUAB Executive Board

Applications Due: March 21st at 11:59PM

Interviews: Friday, March 24th or Saturday, March 25th

Site Leader Application Preview

RUAB Executive Board Application Preview




Applications Due: March 21st at 11:59PM

Group Interviews:  Week of March 27th

Ambassador Application Preview

FAQs about LEx Leader Positions

What is a LEx Leader?

Premier student leaders who work with the Department of Leadership & Experiential Learning to carry out its mission to provoke thought, cultivate confidence, and inspire action in the Rutgers community.  LEx Leaders are broken down by units, and they help to facilitate and create transformational experiences for their peers.

What is required of all LEx Leaders?

In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the unit you’re assigned to, each LEx Leader is required to:

  • Attend a May retreat and a late August retreat
  • Attend two (2) workshops / trainings each semester
  • Volunteer at a minimum of two (2) departmental programs (ie: Leadership Week)

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes – you can apply for multiple positions but understand that, in our effort to develop and polish leadership potential, our hope is to engage as many qualified candidates as possible. It is not uncommon for someone to balance two positions but the department would need a commitment that these experiences are a priority for you. These positions are intentionally tiered so as to develop competencies and give students the opportunities to grow from one position to another.

Are all of the LEx Leader positions volunteer?

All but the internship are volunteer positions.  Leadership Interns are paid employees that work in Leadership Central (12-15 hours a week) throughout the year. The Leadership Internship is our premier leadership opportunity that the department holds.

Are there any pre-requisites to apply to be a LEx Leader?

These LEx Leader positions are available to any full-time, undergraduate student who holds at least a 2.5 GPA. We look for leadership potential and unique skills that will complement our teams. Knowledge of what the Department of Leadership & Experiential Learning produces is welcomed but involvement in every aspect of the department is not a requirement.  All interested students MUST attend an Info Session.

Important Deadlines & Dates:

 Retreat Dates:

  • Spring Retreat – May 12th – 13th – Off-site (All LEx)
  • Fall Retreat – August 31st (by unit) and Sept. 1st (All LEx)
  • Please note – different LEx units may have additional training dates that must be adhered to as well.


  • Legacy Banquet – May 1, 2017(this year) & May 7, 2018 (next year)
  • LEx Trainings – TBD