A Step Towards Discovery

Explore where you land on the political spectrum

Do you know how your personal beliefs align with our current politicians? Through our “Step Towards Discovery” Campaign, you might be surprised by what you find out! #IDiscovered


We have compiled the following 3 resources which we feel provide an accurate depiction of how your beliefs align with those of current politicians. Each site offers its own unique approach to linking your beliefs with those of politicians.

ISideWith.com: Offers a quiz that will allow you to find potential candidates whose beliefs align with your own.

GovTrack.us: Allows you to input your location to showcase politicians and legislation similar to your own beliefs.

PoliticalCompass.org: A typology test of political opinions plotted on 2 dimensions: economic and social. Find out where you land within the 4 quadrants based on your responses!

What Next?

Now that you know where you land on the political spectrum, share it with your friends and help them learn a little more about themselves. Screenshot the graphics below and post them on your Instagram Story to share what you discovered! #IDiscovered

#IDISCOVERED I side with fill out graphic
#IDISCOVERED political compass fill out graphic
#IDISCOVERED govtrack fill out graphic
#IDISCOVERED fill out graphic
#IDISCOVERED political themes fill out graphic

The above external websites are not endorsements. These websites are provided as resources only.