Are you ready for post-grad?

From Backpack to Briefcase is a transitional leadership series which targets upperclass students, particularly seniors. Monthly sessions are aimed at bridging the gap between the college experience and post-graduate world.

As students in their third or fourth year at Rutgers are preparing for life after college, these a-la-carte workshops are offered monthly in an effort to educate and support students on life-related issues including but not limited to Apartment Hunting, Cooking without a Meal plan, Budgeting, Credit Card Debt, Negotiating Job Offers, Professional Networking and Etiquette Training.

Focusing on both professional and personal competencies, the Series offers students a fleeting opportunity to develop skills that will ease their transition from university life to their post-Rutgers endeavors. Sessions are facilitated by a number of different professionals, including experts in Business Leadership, Culinary Arts, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, and other industries.

Students are encouraged to come to as many sessions as they can, each time getting their name added to a drawing to win a Rutgers diploma frame, Senior Week packages, and more. The Series begins with a Kick-off in late September and is open throughout the year to all Juniors and Seniors.


From Idling to Investing – Learn how to stretch a dime into a dollar!
Zoom Link TBD
Time: 7:00PM

Interested in understanding more about the different types of investment opportunities you have, even on a minimal budget? Come learn how to manage short and long-term investments as a student. 


“I wish I knew of these sessions earlier on in my senior year. The workshops truly make you realize that school is going to end whether you are ready or not… and life is going to begin. Are you ready for it?”

“A spring board into the real world – these sessions bring to light real priorities that help even in your fleeting months as a Rutgers student. Whether a job or grad school or still undecided, these sessions helped me realize all the things I didn’t know I wasn’t prepared for – then tells you how to prepare for them.”